Organization of Wamego First Presbyterian Church

Organization of Wamego First Presbyterian Church

by B.J. Kerr

What does it mean to organize a church? In the case of the First Presbyterian Church in Wamego, it took seven dedicated people. Those seven dedicated Christians decided on February 7, 1869, that they would have a church.

These seven met in the only schoolhouse in town. School was held there on weekdays and church was held on Sundays. This was a common practice in many communities. The schoolhouse was on the site of the current Central Elementary School playground. Thus, it began!

Wamego was not yet a “town.” The area was a hub for the Union Pacific Railroad. The company requested a settlement where its workers could have homes. In 1866, the Wamego Townsite Company plotted some land here in Pottawatomie County and names the area for an American Pottawatomie Indian Chief: Wamego.

For this area to become a town, surveyors were required to set the parameters. After being declared a town, businesses and other organizations could develop and build. Plots were donated by the company to honorable sources.

Ours as not the first church group to organize here, but we were the first to have an actual building in which to worship. The location of our first building was 711 Lincoln Ave., and it cost $3,500 to build. The dedicated families were Thayer, St. John, Gardiner, and Challis. Shortly thereafter, Talbott, Hicks, and Barrett families joined. When the building was completed, 25 persons became members. By 1878, membership had grown to 40.

Thus, the church was well begun — but oh, the difficulty to get up all those wooden steps from the horse-drawn “vehicles,” especially in bad weather! Going to church required dedication. Imagine the clothing worn in the mid to late 1800s, and those icy wooden steps in winter and poor heating system inside!

People moved west in the 1800s for two primary reasons: education and religion. Even today, we remain faithful to these two causes and can be pleased that we have survived 150 years looking to the future and all it will hold for us.

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Understanding Our Logo and Flag

Understanding our logo and flag

by B.J. Kerr

The Presbyterian Church began in Scotland through the works of John Knox and John Calvin. When members of this church came “across the pond,” they brought with them many of the symbols and rituals from their home church. This symbolism is found in the logo of the Presbyterian Church USA and on the Presbyterian flag. You’ll see the symbols often at our church.

The “flame” at the base of the cross is from the traditional flag of the Church of Scotland. It represents the burning bush, as seen by Moses. As Moses stood there, he saw the bush was not consumed by the flame, and the symbolism is to remind us that the church will also last forever. We, too, will last forever. The Heavenly Dove is also on the flag. The dove is descending to earth and the outstretched arms of The One who, for our sake, was nailed to a cross.

In the logo, you can also see an open Bible, the pillars holding up the church, the crown, and the Holy Chalice. Take a close look to identify these elements!

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Celebrating 150 Years

Celebrating 150 years

The Wamego First Presbyterian Church is celebrating its 150th birthday in 2019! We have a variety of events planned to commemorate this special sesquicentennial. Here on this blog, we will share some memories, history, and reflection from our congregation. We hope you enjoy learning more about our church!

If you have a memory to share, please send it to Sarah Hancock at If you don’t have the ability to send memories electronically, you can also mail them. Many thanks to Angela Allenbrand for maintaining our blog!


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Join us Sunday, April 8, for “Change for Change”

Join us this Sunday, April 8, as the youth lead us in “Change for Change”.

The youth will be meeting at 9 a.m. to set up for food packaging and prepare for leading worship.

Thanks to the congregation’s generosity, we have raised more than $1,500 for this special project.

Worship will begin at regular time 10:15 am.

Following a brief message from Rick McNary of the Outreach Program, the congregation will assist with food packaging to help feed those in need wherever the need may be.

Dress casually and plan to join us!

(Below are photos from a similar food packaging event in August, facilitated by one of our youth members.)



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Palm Sunday and Holy Week Schedule

The children and youth waved palm fronds and assisted with the Call to Worship and opening hymn on Palm Sunday, March 25.

Holy Week activities at FPC include:

Monday – Thursday, March 26 – 29

Lunch served at 12:00 noon in Fellowship Hall, followed by Worship in the Sanctuary

Maundy Thursday, March 29

Worship Service with Communion, 7:00 pm

Good Friday, March 30

Worship Service at 12:00 noon (no lunch served)

Easter Sunday, April 1

7:00 am, Sunrise Service at Hill of 3 Crosses, N. Hwy 99

7:45 – 9:00 am, Church Wide Breakfast in Fellowship Hall

9:00 am, Children’s Carnival in Old Fellowship Hall, Lower Level

10:15 am, Worship Service with Communion, in the Sanctuary


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Special Music on August 13 was provided by Little Apple Barbershop Chorus




The Little Apple Barbershop Chorus, from Manhattan, opened our worship service with two inspiring and uplifting songs on Sunday, August 13. Under the direction of Michael Brown, the group traveled to Wamego to sing at several area churches last Sunday as part of their summer tour.

For additional information about the group, visit their website at




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Siete de Mayo Dinner on May 7

The FPC congregation celebrated “Siete de Mayo” with a Mexican themed dinner on Sunday, May 7. A big “Thank You” goes to Lorinda and Bob Sultzer for preparing the delicious food and organizing the dinner, with a menu of enchiladas, soft and crunchy tacos, cheese queso dip and chips, and banana pudding and warm chocolate brownies. Additional thanks go to the Deacons and Youth for assisting with set up and clean up on Sunday.


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